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Aqua-natal classes are exercises that are performed in chest-deep water. They are great for women who are less confident swimmers. You might also use floats and weights. You will warm up and cool down after each session.

Aqua-Aerobic Vs Aqua-Natal

Aqua aerobics classes are not specific to pregnancy. If you’ve been going to one before you became pregnant, tell the instructor you are pregnant. If they are qualified to continue to instruct you, they will.

Aqua-natal classes are specialised for pregnancy with different range of movements and exercises that are safe for you and your baby. Our classes are run by a qualified midwife who has trained specifically in aqua-natal with RCM accredited qualifications.

Benefits of Aqua-Natal

Swimming is an aerobic and strength conditioning exercise too. Both of these have been shown to shorten labour and decrease the risk of complications at birth.
Helps to reduce blood pressure, as just being in water causes your body to naturally rid itself of excess water and salt and alleviate swollen ankles and wrists.
Improves cardiovascular efficiency, helping pump more blood around the body and to the placenta, providing the baby with more oxygen and nourishment.
Suitable and beneficial for those suffering with pelvic girdle pain. All exercise is in the pool so you can benefit from feeling cushioned by the water at all times.
Reduced joint stress
More efficient muscle work out due to water resistance
Can help with pregnancy tiredness
The weightlessness of the water can make it easier to move than when practicing exercises on land

Benefits Of Exercise In Pregnancy

Enhanced psychological well being
Meeting other mums and building your social circle
Stress relief
Improved sleep patterns
Key part of a healthy lifestyle
Improved posture and back strength
Reduces the chances of
c-section delivery
Increased endorphins (happy hormones)
Helps to boost self esteem
Helps to improve your stamina for labour