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Black History Month Feature: Prosperity &Wellbeing massage therapy

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Black History Month is almost but not quite over, and over the past few weeks it’s been brought to the forefront of  not only my working life but personal too as a mixed race woman, the issues surrounding black and ethnic minority women’s health inequalities.

BAME women are 5 times more likely to DIE during pregnancy and childbirth here in the UK in today’s society! The MBRRACE repot that discusses these findings can be read here https://www.npeu.ox.ac.uk/mbrrace-uk/reports

With this growing problem we need to think proactively about the maltreatment and disadvantage our women are experiencing. A contributing factor is social deprivation for these women so I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase an amazing black women entrepreneur  from my own community who has set up services to support women’s wellbeing and improve the lives of all women.

Zakiyah grew up and lives in Liverpool, I took some time to talk with her about these issues and why the work she does is so important to her….

Q. Why was it important for you to support women’s health?
A. I believe women are incredible beings, Physically, mentally and socially. I think it is important to support women’s health, as there are many conditions, that can affect there mental health and wellbeing and prevent, living a fulfilled livelihood. There are wide ranges of specialties with women, etc pregnancy and childbirth. Supporting women’s health will prevent, long term illnesses and diseases, support there self esteem and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Q. What do you enjoy most about your  job?
A. As a support worker I am able to help individuals with special needs, I am able to provide care and enable them with there daily living task and promote there wellbeing.
As a massage therapist I am able to relieve, stress and pain for individuals, improve circulation, help them to feel relaxed and aid in the general wellness of clients.
Therefore I am able to help people, an that is what I enjoy the most about my role.
Q. What advice would you give to other women of colour wanting to set up a wellness company?
A. I would advise her to go for it, an keep positive to achieve the wellness company. I feel there needs to be more women with colour wanting to set up there own business, as I feel companies are dominantly men and if we saw more women companies, this may encourage women, an if it’s on wellness, this will spread awareness to make healthy positive choices, towards wellbeing.
Q. Where do you see your business growing to in the future.
A. In the future, I can see a positive outcome, more people will understand about massage therapy, an why it should be included in individuals, healthy lifestyle, to promote their health and wellbeing. Many people look at treatments more for relaxation and pain, but don’t recognise the wider benefits to their health from regular treatments. I aim for my business to teach and help others an for my business and capital to grow.
Q. Black and ethnic minority women are 5 times more likely to die in childbirth here in the UK due to institutional racism, concerns not being listened to and social deprivation …does this surprise you? Any other comments you want to make on this too
A. I am not surprised as I feel, a lot of barriers need to be identified and addressed. These days it’s harder to hide, what’s been happening for centuries, because more people are speaking about it and we have, the internet and social media etc. It’s more disappointing than shocking, that black and ethnic minorities are five times more to die and childbirth, an it being in the UK.
Q. What has your experience of healthcare been as a black woman in Liverpool?
A. I feel haven’t had the best health care, being a young carer I struggled for help with a family member, who suffers with mental health and was ignore for many years, to gain help and support, because of my age. I think that’s we’re, I first, lost faith in the healthcare system and one of the main reasons why I got into support work, to have my little input within healthcare, where I felt like I could help.
Q.How have you seen your support some women’s mental health and wellbeing?
A.Prosperity & wellbeing promotes health benefits through treatments, an helps individuals to understand an sometimes, treatments are a release to talk and express how they feel, as I’m a stranger, and they feel comfortable, which in some cases, it aids their massage more for them to feel relaxed, as they are not holding bad energy inside, they let it out through positive conversations during treatments.
Prosperity & wellbeing is a mobile massage therapy business, providing treatments like, Swedish body, hot stones massage, Indian head massage and massages using pre-blended aromatherapy oils, within the comfort of individuals home.
Both myself and Zakiyah have a passion to promote and support women’s health,  being in the maternity sector I had to ask how you wonderful #Hydromums could benefit from Zakiyah’s services and her plans are great so watch her space and get in touch with her after your #Hydrobaby arrives for some postnatal nourishment! She said:
“I am not qualified to do pregnancy massages, this is a qualification I am working towards getting. I do provide, services for individuals after, pregnancy and postnatal, as I believe it is definitely needed for women.
I work seven days a week and flutter between both roles, as a support worker and massage therapist.”

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