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I get asked a lot about my job as a midwife and how wonderful it is, this has had me thinking about what our true callings are and how we end up on our paths. Never did I think I would be running my own Aquanatal and providing a fitness and wellbeing service to communities, but here we are and I’m so proud and and happy that women are benefiting from Hydrobumps.

Many years ago I planned to pursue a totally different career and went to college to study fashion and textiles it was there that I met a girl called Charlotte ‘Charlie’. Friends in college and then meeting again at different points Charlie has also navigated to a path helping mothers and families during pregnancy and opened up a fantastic scanning service here in Liverpool. I caught up with Charlie to see what her experience of finding her calling was like and how she come to open a business for mums to be like me. Here’s what she said:

A first glimpse for lots of families via 4D scanning

“The Bump to Bundle concept was born after having my first son (age 23), I’d previously completed a degree in fashion design, but the experience of having him, inspired me to want to care for women and families.

I went on to complete an access course in health professions and applied to study midwifery. (Notoriously very difficult to be accepted in at LJMU), I then went on to have my second son and then re applied, I got through to the waiting list and then sadly didn’t make it again.

It was really at that point, having had private scans in both my pregnancies, my desire to care for women during this vulnerable time, merged with a lightbulb idea…of a luxury scanning experience.

After having mediocre experiences myself at 4D scan studios, me and my husband began to develop a mood board and business plan for the UK’s first ever instagrammable Scan studio.

Based in Cressington we proudly opened our doors in July, and have welcomed lots of wonderful families through our now recognised ‘pink’ doors”

Bump to Bundle is fast growing as a scanning hotspot for parent’s to be with such a wide range of services who can be surprised! They offer 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live non diagnostic private scans from 16 weeks, 2D Gender Reveal Scans from 16 weeks and 4D scans from 24 weeks.

The scan studio is such a beautiful space with the iconic Bump to Bundle flower wall, if you haven’t already pop down and check it out, the space is also used for private hire baby showers and gender reveals.

Book in quickly before spaces fill up they currently have an offer on for 50% discount on all our 4D packages. For more details check out their website and social media pages:

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