You will need to complete a health declaration that you are fit and well before starting any classes, this is part of Hydrobumps safety procedures. Your records will be shared ONLY with Lifestyle leisure centres where the classes are held to ensure all health and safety aspects are covered.

If you have any special needs you are advised to discuss this with the instructor before committing to a Hydrobumps course.

You do not need to be able to swim to participate in the classes, however, if you are a non-swimmer or not sure of your swimming ability you MUST inform the instructor before entering the pool.

Avoid eating a big meal less than 2 hours before the class is due to start.

It is advisable to wear a sports bra underneath swimwear due to the changes that occur to the breasts during pregnancy.

You must shower before entering the pool.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to discuss your well-being with the instructor. If you have not completed the health declaration  you will not be able to participate in the class.

Attendees who have not booked onto a course cannot be guaranteed a space due to safety number limits of classes.

Remember to drink fluids before, during and after exercise. Pools can be humid so please bring a plastic bottle of water to keep by the poolside.

You are encouraged to work sensibly at your own pace and level, class exercises will be adapted to include various levels so please do not be afraid to decrease your own exercise intensity if needed.

NEVER work to exhaustion. If you feel tired lessen the intensity of the exercise and gradually come to a stop if necessary. It is ok to let your instructor know if you need to stop at any time.

You may already find it necessary to use the restroom more frequently during pregnancy, this effect can be increased during classes and is a normal effect of immersion which could last for several hours after leaving the pool. If you need to leave during the session, DO NOT run. Gently and gradually decrease your exercise intensity and safely leave the pool.

Postnatal participants will only be able to join classes once post birth bleeding has stopped – this is usually 6 weeks following birth but is on an individual basis.